• Judy R Slegh
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Andover, MN 55304, USA


Speaker Topics:

Help! I Have A Prodigal. Releasing the Past and Embracing the Future With Hope.

Two thirds of every Christian audience have prodigal sons or daughters. It is a silent epidemic that needs to change. 

Judy shares her story of hope through personal healing where she rediscovered the jewel in her prodigal.  

Using illustrations and Biblical examples, Judy shares to release the past and embrace hope-filled expectations for the future.  

The Power of Forgiveness from the Heart

Forgiveness seems easy until offense comes to upset the norm of our personal lives. What do we do then? Forgive!

Judy shares the power of forgiveness in relationships that seem to stretch grace to the breaking point. Discover the power we have to draw our prodigal loved one back to us as we ask God to heal our heart. 

Power of Declarations

Do we know how powerful our voice is? The Bible is full of examples. After a brief preview of these examples,

 Judy R. Slegh shares her experience of creating God directed declarations to bring God's perfect plan for a loved one into reality. Practical steps in creating God directed declarations are shared to encourage the audience to speak God's heart regarding their difficult situations.  

Regrets? Pulling Up the Weeds so We Can See Clearly

Regret seems to be a focus when a loved one goes astray. We all look back and try to figure it out. Judy R. Slegh will clarify the uselessness of this through illustrations and Biblical backing. Leading her audience through practical exercises to release regret, listeners will receive a new encouraging perspective of themselves and their prodigal situation.