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Help! I Have a Prodigal Seminar Summary 

This seminar is a great introduction for bringing a structure of support  to those that have prodigals in your community.

Using themes from the book, Help! I Have a Prodigal  by Judy R. Slegh, this seminar helps the attendee to start the process of inner healing to those who have experienced loss because of a prodigal loved one.  

Interwoven throughout the instruction are small group activities that are dynamically safe, confidential and engaging. Community and healing happens when the attendee discovers there are others who are experiencing the same difficulties and feel the same way. 

This seminar is designed for ten hours of teaching, small groups dynamics, self-evaluation and personal healing prayer moments. It works well to have a three hour evening session followed by full day of teaching. 

Summary of the Seminar:

Learn to believe having a prodigal doesn’t define us, but does refine us.

Whether our prodigal is a child, spouse, friend, sibling, or a parent, we experience the weight of it in our life. This weight needs to be identified, acknowledged and released. 

In this seminar we will learn to:

  •  Get free of the mountain of emotions and heaviness.

  •  Conserve our energy by shifting our focus to God’s perspective.

  •  Identify and pray God-driven declarations for our situation.

  •  Activate our voice to get freedom, defeat the enemy, and call                  our prodigal home.

Rave Reviews

 The seminar was far better than I expected. I give it a A++.

I appreciated the personal sharing by Judy and Daryl.

I liked the connecting with others in small groups and the way in which Judy presented the material.

I liked connecting and supporting each other in the small groups. 

I loved the opportunity to share and pray with each other.


I now understand I am not alone. There are others with prodigals around me. 

I liked the workbook that I could take home. It has practical steps to use in the future.