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Andover, MN 55304, USA


Judy R. Slegh

Author of Help! I Have a Prodigal

For the last three years, I have been on a journey to write a self-paced healing guide regarding having a prodigal. The context of a prodigal is someone that has gone astray from a meaningful God-directed life to one of wastefulness. This person could be a child, parent, spouse, sibling or friend.

Prior to my own experience, I helped others who had prodigals receive emotional healing through prayer. As I facilitated these prayer sessions, it was amazing to see the transformation in the recipients. They went away with a new fortitude in fighting the battle in prayer and discovered they could war against the spiritual forces attacking their family. They were not laden with emotional baggage anymore.

My prodigal journey began with my son, Dustin. After experiencing the situation first hand, I used the same tools to release the negativity in my life. In the midst of navigating our prodigal situation, a person came to me and stated, "God wants you to know that if you start praying His declarations for a situation regarding a troubled loved one, they will come true". 

At first my declarations were based on my desires. Then God showed me His declarations for my son. These declarations played a powerful part in transforming my son into having a vibrant faith again.

This book is a culmination of what I have learned in navigating life with a prodigal. I felt compelled to share my story and to help others discover how to receive healing for emotional wounds and to partner with God in declarative prayer. Taking authority against demonic influences and asking God for His wise boundaries are additional tools in this book. After nine years of helping others in prayer sessions, it is my delight to offer this healing prayer guide to help many, especially those who have prodigals.