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Help! I Have a Prodigal.

By Judy R. Slegh

Available Now!

This book offers:

  • God directed prayer interactions to release the heartache, disappointment, fears, anger, shame and hopelessness of your situation.

  • Learn how to place things into God's hands.

  • Practice hearing God's heart regarding your situation. 

  • Determine God directed boundaries for your relationship will give you a plan for the future.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare.

  • Learn how to rest as you wait.

  • Learn the power of declarations and create God-guided declarations for your situation. 

Can be purchased through...

Redemption Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Available as an E-book too.

The main objective of Help! I Have a Prodigal is to give hope and healing (and I would add peace and wisdom to that) to individuals and families in prodigal situations. Judy speaks plainly to her audience about the tough and emotional aspects of dealing with a prodigal, and she combines her personal story, scriptural concepts, practical illustrations, and powerful prayers to guide her readers in “destroying” the “mountain of offense, hurt, and pain,” holding to biblical standards all the while.

         Dori Harrell, Managing Editor at Redemption Press

  Watch the video for an overview of my story.